Whitebook Mobile, S586, LV corail

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Whitebook Mobile, S586, LV corail
CHF 140.00

Modular notebook with soft french calf leather cover, adaptable for changing demands. The MagicPad provides a magical bond between your Whitebook and your smartphone. Your phone is elegantly and securely stored and - thanks to the magic "easy lift-off" functionality - immediately at hand.



  • Thick soft french calf leather, full grain, cut corners

  • Durable elastic band closure with Lycra 

  • 3 Whitebook booklets/journals included

  • All pages are detachable thanks to an invisible micro-perforation 

  • Pockets for random notes and business cards  

  • Adjustable penholder, suitable for different pens 

  • Equipped with two satin bookmarks 

  • MagicPad for quick and safe smartphone integration 

  • "Easy lift-off" - effortlessly take out the phone with one hand 

  • Fits any smartphone size and model

  • Handmade with conscience in Switzerland


Simply customize and refill your Whitebook Tailored Notebook with paper styles of your choice.

> «Victor» lined
> «Ludwig» squared
> «Donato» without pattern 
> «2018» weekly planner
> «Journal de Bord» extended weekly planner

Size & Fit

Whitebook Mobile is suitable for any standard or "plus"-size smartphone. 

Whitebook  Smartphone fit
> SM: 8.5 x 15 cm up to 8.5 x 14 cm
> SM+: 9.5 x 16 cm  up to 9.5 x 15 cm

About MagicPad technology

The MagicPad has 29'000 adhesion elements per cm2 and fixes all fine polished surfaces such as glass, aluminum or plastic quickly and safely. Rule of thumb: The smoother the back of the smartphone, the better it sticks. 

Safety & Care

Devices without highshiny surface on the back (i.e. iPhone 7 and before), we suggest to apply the included fixstickers for improved fixation. The magic effect of MagicPad remains independently of intense of use. Simply use a lint-free cloth or a spectacle cleaning cloth to clean and reactivate the MagicPad.

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