• Whitebook Tailored Notebook

    Despite our much loved technical aids, can we imagine life without handwritten notes?
    We‘d prefer to have a stack of paper with us all the time. Paper we can make disappear immediately when we need to have a clear head for other things.

    At any time we can take these notes from the shelf, turn back the pages and rediscover original ideas, perhaps already forgotten.
    The flow of ideas will never be lost again. We have them in our own hands. 

    That is how it should be. That is how we wanted it to be. That is how the story of Whitebook began. 

    We questioned the obvious and ignored the seemingly unchangeable. We found a simple solution: interchangeable notebooks fixed in a personal binding.
    When the notebooks are changed, the binding stays intact, the chronological order remains.
    All your personal notes, stacked or on a bookshelf, are always ready to hand.

    Whitebook uniquely combines traditional handwriting with forward-looking technology. 
    Whitebook has everything you ever wanted in a traditional notebook. It has a soft leather or premium fabric cover. It has bookmarks.
    It has pockets for random notes and business cards, an adjustable penholder, a variety of refillable perforated paper that actually lies flat.
    And depending on size, it holds your Apple iPad, Samsung Tab or other tablet computers.

    The Whitebook system is designed to integrate all your notes, ideas and inspirations, whether on paper or on a tablet.
    But most important, Whitebook adapts to your personal work-style.

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