Reliablity, Durablity and Ageing in Style.

Whitebook is far more than a paper notebook. As customers from around the world confirm - Whitebook becomes your most valued and reliable companion for mastering the challenges of today's business life. The more you use your Whitebook, the better. Thanks to Whitebook's unique modular refill system, your Whitebook is refreshed after every refill. Please see the section Cahiers / Journals / Refills for an overview of available paper styles. 

Renew your Whitebook 
Ageing in style is what we all aim for. The same is true for Whitebook. This is why we offer owners of Whitebook Premium, Whitebook Haute Couture and Limited Editions the possiblity to renew their Whitebook covers. 

All paper-parts, as well as the elasic bands and the pen-holder will be renewed. The outside cover material remains with the original patina.
Simply send in the empty cover of your Whitebook, and receive it back with a completly renewed inside. 
Please visit the online shop for specific "Refresh your Whitebook" offers. 

Refresh your Whitebook


All registered Whitebook owners can replace their Whitebook at preferred conditions. 

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